FR-candidates wanted

For the upcoming Faculty Council elections (13-17 May), PhDoc is looking for candidates! We are trying to localize them by covering the faculties where elections will take place (Archaeology, Humanities, Law, Social Sciences, and Science) with the posters below. Like to be part of the action? Then download the posters, hang them on every door and window of your office, every notice board at your faculty, your facebook-wall; and send the link to every Leiden PhD or postdoc you know. The ‘kandidaatstelling’ (nomination procedure) for takes place Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 March 2013.

NB: Sadly, since the Councils communicate in Dutch, only Dutch-speaking candidates are eligible. Think this is a touch undemocratic, and not very representative for a supposedly international university? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us via email, twitter, facebook or LinkedIn.

FR-kandidaten-wervingsposter-foto FR-kandidaten-wervingsposter-slogan

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