PhD in the Humanities Faculty Council

We did it! In an exciting finale, last Wednesday PhDoc found a candidate for the Humanities Faculty Council in Gareth O’Neill, PhD candidate at the LUCL (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics). After an attempt at candidacy by a self-funded PhD affiliated with the LIAS (Leiden Institute for Area Studies) was rejected on Tuesday, PhDoc sent an emergency email to all Humanities PhD candidates to find a new candidate. A colleague drew this email to Gareth’s attention less than an hour before the election office would close, and he immediately got in touch: after filling out the form, a series of phone calls to the election office and a short sprint, we were just in time to personally present his candidacy.

More good news: yesterday the results of the candidacy procedure were announced. Since there were exactly nine candidates for the nine Council-seats available for employees, as of now Gareth is sure of a seat in the Council for the next two years; and the Humanities PhD students of a voice in the decision-making. Congrats, Gareth!

The coming months PhDoc will brainstorm about a functional infrastructure to facilitate communication between the PhD-members of the various Councils and their constituency. Ideas are welcome! In addition, we are considering to take action with regard to the rejection of our first candidate. We think it a worrisome development that the growing number of PhD’s without employee-status leads to an ever decreasing percentage of PhD’s that have actual influence on the policy that concerns them. On this topic, too, your input is wanted, so if you want to join: you can reach PhDoc by email, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn!


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