PhD candidates for the FR Archeology and Law

Last week PhDoc reported the candidature of Gareth O’Neill for the Humanities Faculty Council; since then we were informed that there are PhD-candidates for the Faculty Councils at Archeology and Law as well. At Archeology Anne van Duijvenbode is already sure of a seat. Since there were two candidates for the three seats available for employees, there is no need for elections. Congratulations, Anne!

At the Law Faculty there are no less than three candidates: current Council-member Jerfi Uzman hopes to complete a second term, and with the candidature of  Judit Altena (PhD criminal law) and Tom Dijkhuizen (corporate law) the next generation of PhD’s is also represented on the list. Unlike Anne and Gareth they will have to do some tough campaigning. According to the now digitally available list of candidates, there are twelve candidates for the seven seats available for employees. Our vote is yours, Jerfi, Judit and Tom!

The lists of candidates for all faculties can be consulted online on the University website. A schedule for the elections is also available here: from 13 to 17 May 2013 it’s voting time!


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