Free lunch for PhD’s of Humanities and Archaeology

Pierre Dos Utt and Milton Friedman were convinced that it did not exist, and built complete economic theories on that thought: free lunches. About a month ago some PhD candidates at Humanities got together, and a plan was born to prove the opposite. And with considerable success! In the past few weeks the faculties of Humanities and Archaeology have promised to sponsor a lunch for their PhD candidates, invitations have been sent, posters have been put up at the Witte Singel/Doelen complex and the faculty of Archeologie (see below), and lots of PhD candidates have already registered.


PhDoc lent a hand by offering her facebook-page for registrations (click here for the event). During the lunch we also hope to briefly introduce the PhD candidates who will be part of the Faculty Council of Humanities (Gareth O’Neill), the Faculty Council of Archaeology (Anne van Duijvenbode), and of the University Council (Linda Bleijenberg, succeeding Maarten Jansen), so that PhD’s know whom to approach with questions and remarks about PhD-policy at Leiden University.

For the PhD’s at Archaeology or Humanities who didn’t yet register for this historical event: you can still join until coming thursday, the 9th of May! After that the sandwiches and other supplies have to be ordered, and there will be little place for more people. So if you are free from urgent obligations tuesday 14 May between 12:00 and 14:00: join before May 9th via the facebook-event or via an email to, ask all your fellow PhD’s to accompany you, and we would love to see you at the Arsenaal!


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